Reviews of the Shmuley Myers Series

Dark future mystery solved by a unique police officer. As if you took a dystopian world right out of The Handmaid’s Tale and added an engaging, action-filled murder mystery, police procedural vibe. Shmuley, the main character, is unique in any book I’ve ever read, a religious Jewish detective. Colorful, quirky, and a serious examination of unintended consequences in a theology-driven country...”


Sol Sharp is the nom de plume for an Austin-based, agent-represented fiction writer who is long in the tech tooth. He’s a member of the Slugtribe and White Gold Wielders writing groups.

He has also published several short stories and two poetry chapbooks, as well as having several poems published in a variety of magazines.

Under another name, he’s publishing a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel in late spring of 2024. Subscribe for more info!