A Question of Allegiance

Detective Shmuley Myers celebration of Purim, the Feast of Esther, turns into a murder investigation – in the Rabbi’s office! Immediately followed by the disappearance of the synagogue’s sexton. Shmuley’s trail leads to a massive explosion, community secrets uncovered, and a race to find the missing – and the murderer – before Shmuley’s secret life implodes.

Set in theocratic America where citizenship begins at conception, Shmuley and his wife Chaya also help women seeking freedom from reproductive tyranny to find safe places or new identities. Complicating matters is Shmuley’s partner, Jethro Waters, whose job with the Preborn Investigation Bureau is finding and arresting fetuciders and anyone helping women or gay people escape the country.

A Question of Allegiance is the second novel in the Shmuley Myers series. Check out A Day at the Zoo as well!

Sample Review

A Question of Allegiance is the second Shmuley Myers novel about a Jewish detective in a world eerily familiar to everyday. Some of the topics of discussion nowadays are carried forward to their grim conclusion. In this book, you will be questioning who is loyal to their causes, their ideology, their friends and ultimately themselves.
Shmuley approaches the shifting sands of allegiance through a religious lens, offering wisdom and compassion to those around him.

Victor H.

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