The Novels

The Shmuley Myers Series

Sergeant Shmuley Myers, Austin Police Department Homicide Detective, juggles being a Haredi Jew, a loving spouse, and a cop. Set in theocratic America, where citizenship begins at conception, Texas’ cities are hungry places, groaning with generations of large families. Adding to his meshuggeneh—crazy—life, Shmuley is also part of Upline, an underground group helping people escape reproductive bondage and its consequences, and an angel of death, killing people putting the Jewish community in mortal danger at the command of the Sanhedrin.

Shmuley juggles loyalties, morals, and relationships in a world complex beyond measure.

A Day at the Zoo

At the Waco Zoo in Texas, Detective Shmuley Myers sidesteps a tiger being hoisted by a fork lift. The body of a woman and her dead Preborn lie just beyond it. Along with his GodForce partner Jethro Waters, he’s set on a hunt to find the mother’s murderer — before he becomes the next victim.
The trail of bodies leads Shmuley down a path endangering him and his wife Chaya as the chase to catch the killer or killers sprawls across Central Texas.

A Question of Allegiance

Shmuley must solve a murder in his own shul—synagogue—as friends betray each other and jealousy turns rage murderous. Chaya’s his partner, sometimes in literal crime, as they look to resolve killings on their home turf.

The Property of Blood

It’s Peysach—Passover—time, bound, like every year, with the Christian Easter. Tensions are running high, and that was before a series of slaughters brings tension between the Jewish community and a Christian sect to murderous heights. Shmuley’s caught in the middle, fighting for peace, justice, and a way out of the carnage.

A Measure of Mercy